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Well, firstly – A VERRY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!! I hope the hangovers are not too dreadful (drink lots of water, grab some painkillers and get some rehydration sachets if you can lay your hands on them) and that you had a marvellous time yesterday evening.

So, what are my dreams for 2015? Well, I’d like to get ‘The Ties That Bind’ under way and get into a nice working rhythm for starters – I always find it horribly hard to start a new book, and for the first few days I generally sit staring at my screen, frowning heavily, and wonder if I’ll ever write anything. That’s where I am at the moment, even though I have a story plan laid out and all ready to go (which is more than I usually have!!).

I’m starting off with Marianna and retelling the rest of the story in the BDSM bar, or Atlantisse. I think she should be a centre piece dessert… but I can’t make up my mind exactly what… if you have any ideas for great, and very messy desserts – lemme know! Until then, Google images is buckling under my frantic searching LOL. (It’s got to have whipped cream though, and maybe hot chocolate sauce… ~WEG)

whipped cream



My wonderful beta readers – I think you’re all marvellous and your comments, both good and bad, are brilliant. Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to read very messy manuscripts!

Chimera Books – for putting up with me!

My husband – similarly for putting up with me…

Blog Hops – Notably Wipit Wednesday and SatSpanks – I love you guys and the opportunity to read everyone’s work.

Kriss Morton – for designing kick ass covers and being an amazing graphic designer who can pull off brown to violet eyes in a matter of minutes. I am horribly jealous of your talents, you know that, right?

The Smutsonian.com, BDSMbookreviews.com and the ParanormalRomanceGuild for reviewing my work. Again, good or bad reviews aside, I appreciate you donate your free time to provide this service and it is very much appreciated.

Finally – thank you to everyone who nominated ‘A ROUGH RIDE’ for BDSM book of the Year. You made my year. I hope I don’t disappoint with the last and final episode of Pony Tales 😉

Plans for 2015

Firstly, DESIRING DEATH, book two of the ‘Evading Death’ vampire series is due for release in January! Finally. WOOT WOOT!!

Then, THE TIES THAT BIND, the last of the Pony Tales will be the second book I release. I might take stock after that and see whether Mark and Jenny should continue, or whether I should let them rest in peace.

I have a project called CLUB COVEN – WITCH Vs VAMPIRE and that should release hopefully August time. It’s just a short, but it will involve Martinet on one of his earlier conquests with a pretty fierce adversary. He’ll be getting a run for his money, say no more…

Lastly, I hope to make a good start on ‘EMBRACING DEATH’ before the year is out, and have lots of fun with Martinet and Violetta’s week long training session. Will it be intense? HELL YEAH….

Right, I’m leaving you with Paris, because… it’s wonderful. Enough said.

Best Wishes to You All xoxoxox

happy new year


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  2. Caramel. Definitely caramel. And not just chocolate sauce, chocolate-HAZELNUT sauce. Like Nutella, only warm and flowing and extremely sensual.. (Yeah, talk about food and sex and it gets me going.) Have a wonderful new year.

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