#SatSpanks – Announcing the Release Date of Desiring Death! #BDSM

Saturday Spankings


It’s the WEEKEND and that means it’s time for Saturday Spankings. So grab your wooden spoons and spatulas or just sneak yourself under the cover with your eReader and prepare for NAUGHTINESS. Oh and I have good news! I have a provisional release date for ‘Desiring Death’ of the 26th January… so it’s time to share a little excerpt!



Desiring Death

‘You’re going to look so beautiful, splayed out on my bed this evening, cherie. Should I use the soft black rope to tie you up or would you prefer the harsh, metal cuffs?’ He appeared to consider the matter. ‘Hmm, the cuffs I think, because seeing your wrists adorned with the marks of my possession would be very satisfying. Every time you moved, the gentle pain of their chafing would remind you of me.’ He gave her a wolfish grin.

Gritting her teeth, Violetta tried to summon up a sneeringly derisive reply, but the pain of her fractured limb was making all normal thought process virtually impossible. If he had not brought her to her knees of his own accord, her shoulder would have taken her legs out from under her regardless. Neurons fired and sizzled within her brain, screaming morphine for the most part, and for once in her life she was rendered speechless. If Martinet knew the level of her current agony, he made no show of the fact, for he carried on with his delightful bedtime story, obliviously.

‘When I get you back to my humble abode, Vi, should I strip you like a lover, gently removing every single piece of annoying frippery that mars the beauty of that truly amazing body beneath it – or should I be rough? Would you like that? I could rip, tear, rend, pop and sever; buttons and zippers would not stand a chance, lace would melt under my fist and that stunningly gorgeous and ridiculously see-through dress you’re wearing would be history. A pity, perhaps, but on the plus side you won’t be required to wear clothes under my roof. During your initial training you will remain naked at all times and this will help both of us understand your body and its reactions, in order to maximise and prolong both elements of pleasure and pain. Pleasure will be your reward for good behaviour and pain will be my reward if you decide to flaunt the rules.’



If you want to grab the first in the series, ‘Dancing With Death’ for just $0.99 then click here or on the pictures above.

Here’s hoping you have a wonderful weekend – Christina xox

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  3. I vote for rough! I’m also wondering what death she is desiring. Is it la petite mort? Cause that’s the only thing I can think she’d be desiring after that HOT excerpt. Phew!

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