#WIPIT UP Wednesday – Suffering


Hello and Welcome to the MIDDLE OF THE WEEK. Hooray! Today is the day where I share a little bit about what I’ve been working on this week and yep… you’ve guessed it – it’s THE TIES THAT BIND. Prepare yourself for naughtiness!




The Ties That Bind

“She’s a beauty, isn’t she?”

Mark tilted his head to the side, to indicate that he’d heard Sophia’s question. It took a long moment before he could summon up the enthusiasm to drag his attention away from scene playing out before him. Finally, he turned around and sauntered up to her, giving her a brief kiss on each cheek. “She’s actually a little more attractive when she’s not covered in kitchen scraps.”

“I can imagine.” There was a soft peal of laughter and his former Mistress curled a lock of her shoulder length red hair in her fingers before flicking it over her back.

His body wanted to react to the artful little flirt, but he refused to give it permission to do so. “What are you doing here, Sophia?” Mark gave her a searching look. “Shouldn’t you be working Kyle over back at yours? Isabelle did drop him off, didn’t she?” The woman couldn’t have gotten herself lost, because he’d personally given her the directions to enter into her Sat Nav.

Sophia’s face became immediately serious and that was not a good sign. “I’ve waited for them all day. The girl’s a no-show. That’s why I came tonight. I thought I’d better let you know and apparently you are un-contactable by normal methods of communication tonight.”

Mark swore. “My apologies for your late night journey. They don’t allow cell phones in here.” Mark’s hand casually pointed to the carnal feast going on behind him and said, “I can’t imagine why.”

She laughed. “I think I can.” Bringing a sparkling glass flute up to her lips, she took a small sip of her champagne and Mark couldn’t help but watch as the effervescent liquid slid quietly past her lips. Here was a woman who could make milk the sexiest drink on earth, so champagne didn’t stand a chance. She continued talking, while he tried to tear his gaze away from her lips, “There are perks to partying late, so I won’t hold that one against you, but you need to check up on your girl. I’ve made enquiries and no-one can get hold of her.”

“And what else have you learnt, dearest Sophia? You’re wearing that telling smile that says you know something I don’t and it’s a very big smile. I know your minions are even better at searching out little morsels of information than mine, so spill, darling dearest.”

She raised her eyes, which had been solely focused on her champagne, slowly back to his. “Usually I make you work for things like that,” she replied softly.

He gave her a wry smile in response. “Once upon a time you did, yes, but you and I know those days are long gone, Sophia. “If you want to keep your secrets, that’s fine with me.” He made to turn back around, now ready to dismiss her, but her hand on his shoulder stopped him. “Wait,” she whispered.

“You need to be careful. Redcliff is not a man you mess with. If you take him up on his offer you are going to suffer, and more than that, you aren’t going to make it back to your little empire the same man that you were before.”


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7 thoughts on “#WIPIT UP Wednesday – Suffering

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  2. What a tease ~sigh!~ So many questions unanswered in this snippet. What happened to Issbella and Kyle? Why won’t he make it back the same man?
    This is outrageous! Really! Leaving poor Melody hanging like this.
    By the way, I’m halfway through Desiring Death…. Mm, Mm…. fanflippin’tastic so far. Loving the plot… the suspense and let’s not even mention the salacious amounts of lip licking pleasure. I swear to god, woman, I have chapped lips from reading the sex scenes.

    • HAHA! You are far too kind 🙂 Desiring Death was so much fun to write… the words flew. The Ties That Bind is going a little slower ~groan~ but we’ll get there. PS… Popping some lip gloss your way ~giggle~ Hope those rewrites are nearly finished… !!! I want naughty words and lots of ’em. <3

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  4. “Covered in kitchen scraps” … “carnal feast” … ah yes, I remember the delicious scene! But you were a bit more of a tease this week, no? You’re putting me in the mood to bake – and that’s not a bad thing, especially with v-day around the corner. 😉 Luscious snippet as always, Ms. Mandara!

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