Here is my interview with Christina Mandara

Fiona McVie interviews Christina Mandara on personal life, books, tombstone messages & more!

2 thoughts on “Here is my interview with Christina Mandara

  1. Hello Christina

    Love your comment about people who don’t get out much. A pony girl farm!!

    What would Black Adder do or say, I wonder.

    Looking forward to book 6. And is there news about death?

    Regards Bodil

    • LMAO. Love that comment about death!! Just tickled my sense of humour. OK – I’m working on book six and am trying really hard to get it out by this July. Fingers crossed. Embracing Death will follow after as quickly as I can write. The vampire tales don’t take so long to write 😀 Don’t ask me why… — thanks for making my day Bodil <3

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