#WIPITUP Wednesday – The Ice Hotel #romance


Hello Wipsters and welcome to something new (AGAIN!). I’m working on a short for a Christmas Anthology… and I need a working title… At the moment, it’s called ‘The Ice Hotel’ or ‘Ice Palace’ but I’m thinking it needs work… any suggestions are mightily appreciated. Anyway here’s a little snippet for you 😉

That won’t be the title page, either, in case you were wondering LOL! But I had to come up with something quickly 🙂

The Ice Hotel

Shards of glittering ice were everywhere. Sabine’s world had just turned white and the effect of the light scattered across the beautifully carved, scalloped walls was blinding.

The foyer of the ice hotel featured a giant ice carving of a mermaid with her arms stretching heavenward and her long hair sweeping to the left beside her. The scales of her tail been chiselled in with painstaking detail and she rested on a large see-through rock. Her head was thrown back, her lips were open, and she looked about to burst into song.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?”

Sabine jumped at the male voice behind her and then froze. She knew that voice. She’d gone to school with that voice, and it had haunted her dreams. But that had been ten long years ago, and surely he would have no hold over her body now? Nevertheless, her fingers trembled as she slowly turned around.

He gave her a friendly smile of greeting, his eyes clear and sparkling. There was no hint of recognition there. Alain Berger had no idea who she was. That was because she had never been pretty enough to attract his attention.

“Good evening, Sir.”

He laughed. “My, oh my, you girls are getting formal these days. Call me Alain.” His hand reached for hers. It shot a current of bright electricity through her, and she immediately snatched her arm away. Her heart rate thudded in her ears so loudly, she almost wondered if he’d be able to hear it.

“Excuse me, Sir?” It was a mere whisper, and it was all she could manage. She had never been able to speak in his presence. Her body always went into overdrive and her first thought had always been to flee.

He narrowed his eyes at her. “Ahh, that’s right. I asked for someone who would play hard to get. I fancied a little fun this evening. Are you going to prove a challenge, I wonder?” He cast dark, critical eyes over her from top to bottom, and the heat blazing from them was unmistakable. He gave her a slow grin. “Somehow, I think not.”


Want more vampires? Don’t worry, they’ll be back soon 😉

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2 thoughts on “#WIPITUP Wednesday – The Ice Hotel #romance

  1. Somehow I get the feeling this girl isn’t there for what Alain thinks she’s there for. I also don’t think he recognizes her. Oh the questions you leave us with. ~le-sigh~
    Not sure what to say yet about the title. I need more of the story. Although I must chime in with Shelly’s comment about the ice in this hotel melting. I have a feeling her long held fantasies might just come true. ヅ

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