#MasturbationMonday – Something Amazing About Watching A Woman Beg for #Sex

Masturbation Monday

Hello and welcome to MOAN DAY… steamy hotness awaits to pull you away from those Monday blues… What have I got for you today? Well, that would be telling…

The Ties That Bind

“We need to work together, you and I,” said Mark, and his lips descended to nuzzle her neck, “because I suspect we want the same thing.”

“You want ten tonnes of sugar and a three litre vat of coffee?”

She was rewarded with a sharp nip for her troubles. “Don’t go vampire on me,” she threatened, “I’ve already got you down as the big bad wolf.”

He laughed. “Because I can see you, smell you and eat you better than anyone else you’ve ever known?”

“No, it was a ‘whose afraid of the big bad wolf thing,’ but you’ve been replaced in that department. Anyway, tell me what we’re working together on.”

“You’re not afraid of me any more? Hmph. We’ll have to work on that.” He ignored her question and let his lips travel along the line of her jaw as his fingers gently kneaded her buttocks. The feeling was electric on her bright pink skin.

“I’m never especially comfortable around you,” she yelped as she received a backhander on her left butt-cheek, “but I’m not afraid of you, no.”

“Good.” Her right cheek was subjected to the same treatment and it felt divine. He then pressed something cold and hard against the entrance to her pussy, and she instinctively moved upwards to avoid it.

“Relax. It’s just a set of Ben Wa balls. They’ll help improve your pelvic floor muscles because you’ll have to squeeze tightly to keep them inside of you. Lots of squeezing makes my fun in the bedroom infinitely more entertaining.” Another slap on her backside, but the first ball was already being worked inside her and it felt sublime. It was heavy, smooth and almost certainly made of some kind of metal. Her money would be on stainless steel.

“These are some of the heaviest ones I can find, mainly because I don’t like to make my games too easy for you. If you live under my roof, you’re going to have to work for everything and I mean everything, but that’s all part of the fun. If you can figure out a way to please me, I’ll make your life bearable.” He stroked the line of her throat and tongued the unbelievably sensitive spot just behind her earlobe. She shuddered.

“Does bearable include unlimited amounts of coffee and chocolate?” There was another petulant yelp as he increased the strength of his swats, but she didn’t wiggle out of the way.

“No, and never tell me stuff like that, because now I’ll ration both coffee and chocolate until you’re begging for the stuff. I like watching women beg. There’s something amazing about watching a woman beg, especially for sex.” He winked at her. “I’ll remember to cover you from head to toe in chocolate body paint frequently, in order to torment the hell out of you now.” The second kegel ball was slotted into place, as deep inside her as his fingers would go. There was a pause as her body took a moment to spasm all over. Matthews aroused her just by speaking, damnit, all the rest of the stuff was just overkill in her opinion. Biting her tongue sharply, she managed to get a hold of herself.


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      • There have been a few edits, because I’m me and of COURSE I’ve been up all night editing and revising and otherwise obsessing. I can hardly wait to see your reaction when you find out what happened BEFORE the prisoner chose to become Francine. (I will say that if you think that scene’s dark, the letter’s presentation of the three choices is positively pitch-black.) There’s a lot more going on in that scene than I can say without a major spoiler, but I will give you a hint…

        I very carefully omitted something from the entire scene, something so common you don’t even notice it until it becomes significant – and I had to do the same in the paragraph above. Spot what’s missing, and you may be able to get a lock on the answer. Just don’t spoil it for others. 🙂

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