#SatSpanks – I’m going to pin you to the wall like a VanGogh #BDSM

Saturday Spankings

Hello and welcome to weekend spankings – wooden spoons, paddles, crops, floggers… we have it all on this blog hop! What have I got for you today… well…


The Ties That Bind

“I’ve waited a long time to fuck you, Jennifer Redcliff.” His voice echoed in her ears but she didn’t fully comprehend their meaning until a few moments later. “Whatever I want is usually delivered immediately to me, with no questions asked. I guess that’s one of the perks of being me. Having to wait over a week for something I really want is unheard of, and yet here I am still as excited by you as the first day I laid eyes on you. Scrap that, even more so. I want to pin you to the wall like a fucking Van Gogh, Miss Redcliff, and just like the Van Gogh, I wouldn’t mind if you graced my wall for several years or more. Does that scare you? Do you want to serve, Jenny? Do you want to serve me? Or are you, perhaps, just telling me the words I want to hear so you can run out on me at the first opportunity?”


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6 thoughts on “#SatSpanks – I’m going to pin you to the wall like a VanGogh #BDSM

  1. Mark is definitely a smart guy, but I’m curious how Jenny will respond to him. A part of her wants him, and yet I think she’d also like to tell him where to go, so she’s not happy about the fact he can turn her on with a mere look, let alone words. Great excerpt., Christina.

  2. Okay, He can pin her to the wall as long as they don’t mess up the Van Gogh…. I’d have to hurt someone if that painting got marred in any way.
    Great snippet, Christina ヅ

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