#WIPITUP Wednesday – When Can I Have My Underwear Back? Dark PNR #Romance


Hello Wipsters… it’s Wednesday and that means we’re back with my Work In Progress – Good As Dead. Who wants Vampire Naughtiness? Well… Mercer has trouble on his hands… that’s for sure 😉

Good as Dead 2

Good As Dead

Three hours later, he was showered, dressed, and ready for the long night ahead.

Unfortunately, Sleeping Beauty wasn’t, and she threw a fit when he woke her up. Upon discovering she was naked, there were lots of various contortionist arm movements, and a few obscenities were screamed around the room. It was impressive multi-tasking in his opinion. It might come in handy at some point. Clearing his throat, he got ready to do battle. Actually, it was going to be more like annihilation.

“I’ve seen it all before and it’s not particularly impressive,” he barked. “You have two choices right now, you can shower quickly and get dressed by yourself, or I can partially drown and dress you. Which is it to be?” He received nothing but a rebellious stare in return.

“Oh goody,” he whispered on a long drawl, “drowning it is.” As soon as he stood up, she shot across the floor like a streak of white lightning and slammed the door to the bathroom. The lock snicked neatly into place seconds later.

“You needn’t think that will keep me out, either,” he said, raising his voice to ensure she heard him, “so I suggest you hurry up or I’ll carry out my earlier threat and I’m fairly certain you won’t enjoy it.”

There was no reply, but the sound of water splattering against the shower door indicated that she’d taken his threat seriously. He’d already hung her clothes on the back of the bathroom door earlier, but he was regretting his generosity. Watching her lithe form sprinting about the room as she tried to recover her clothes would have been far more entertaining. Oh well, he suspected they’d have many more days of fun together, and his patience was legendary, so he was more than happy to wait.

The girl lumped around for a bit, in the clumsy manner of humans. He heard her yanking open vanity drawers, probably looking for weapons to use against him, and then swearing. He smiled. All she’d find in there was a toothbrush, because he’d checked earlier. Sure enough, a few seconds later there was sound of brushing. Then there was a brief tussle with her clothes and a deep breath. Bursting open the door with considerable force for a woman, she glowered at him.

“When can I expect my underwear back?” she growled.

To hide his smile, he slid the tip of his thumb into his mouth and bit down sharply. He appeared to consider the matter.

“When I decide you’ve been a good girl,” he finally allowed.

“And when will that be?”

His eyes sparkled. “When you learn to do as your told.” Standing, he strode forward and let his full 6’3” frame tower over her, although to her credit she did not appeared cowed by him in the least. They’d work on that. “Right, we need to go. I’m reliably informed that we will have goons chasing our tail every four hours or so, wherever we are in the world. Care to enlighten me as to how? Are you sending out special semaphore signals to the enemy on a regular basis?”

There was a pause as she considered her answer. “Something like that,” she said, chewing her lip.


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