#MasturbationMonday – Liquid #Latex and PonyGirls! @naughtynell101

Masturbation Monday


Moan day strikes again! We’re off to a naughty start to the week with ‘The Ties That Bind.’ Today I have some spray paint for you. It’s erotic, trust me!!


The Ties That Bind

Less than two minutes later, Jenny found herself lying on her stomach with her every movement a rustling symphony against a large, white plastic sheet. The thing stuck to her rather unpleasantly, and her underside felt hot and sticky. On the plus side, the interconnecting chain that held her restraints together in the middle had been removed, someone had said something about ‘special dispensation,’ but Jenny didn’t care about the whys and wherefores, the extra freedom it granted her arms and legs was wonderful. Her remaining collar and chains had then been covered in a layer of plastic tape to protect them and she had been instructed to remain perfectly still. That was the least of her problems. There was a guy behind her spraying fire into her skin. OK, so it wasn’t quite fire, but it certainly stung.

“Make sure you keep your eyes closed, Petal. This is isopropyl alcohol and there’s going to be some overspray floating around. Believe me when I say your eyes won’t like it.”

The warning was actually unnecessary, as Jenny had her eyes tightly closed, but it was always nice to know someone was spraying neat alcohol at your skin. Her back was being coated in fine mists of paint and it was an unusual experience, to say the least.

“Your base layer will be black, so there will be two of us using single action airbrushes, and that should have you covered pretty quickly. For the detail work, we’ll need something a little finer, and I’ll work with a dual action and some detail brushes. If Georgia hasn’t already told you, we’ll be spraying virtually all of you, and this includes your eyelids, lips, behind your ears and the soles of your feet. The only bits that get to escape the black paint are a heart-shaped portion around your ass, a similar area around your tits and a small oval that will frame your sex. It’s easier to see if you’re wet if you remain ‘pink’ so I’m told. Personally, just about all of Leyland’s punters check anyway, for their own amusement mostly, but I’m just following orders. What I’ll do to keep those areas clear is put a bit of sticky plastic over you. Then I can just tear it off when we’re finished. First one’s going on your ass, now.”

True to his word, a thick, cold piece of plastic was applied to the lower portion of Jenny’s backside. “Now spread your legs as wide as you can and then I can pop the second piece on.”

Jenny felt her face flame in mortification, and for a moment her body thought about stalling, but there was no such room for error in this place. Her legs were simply grabbed at the ankles and stretched. “Next time, do as you’re told, filly. We have spanking privileges, too, in case you were wondering.” A swift slap was delivered to her upper thigh as if to confirm his remark.

When her legs were spread wide enough for their satisfaction, they were slowly lowered back to the floor once more and another giant sticky plaster was applied to her sex. It was not a particularly pleasant feeling. She squirmed and felt the plastic sheet grab at her skin, crunching sounds being made as she wiggled about. Len was obviously satisfied that his work has been done, for he quickly took a step back and prepared to join his partner in crime. The sound of two compressors could then be heard and the stinging sensation upon Jenny’s back intensified. Squinting her eyes tightly shut, she tried to close her legs back together, but the plastic sheet made the action difficult.

“Keep those legs open, Petal. We’ll need to spray in-between them shortly.”


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