Friday #Funny – Breakdown of What People are #THANKFUL for, State by State @naughtynell101


I’m tickled that California is thankful for Youtube. Really, California? Aren’t you the sunshine state n all?

I can  understand, however, why lots of states are thankful for rain and God. Thunderstorms I’m not so sure of, someone help here? Is it because of the hot weather? Storms clear the air?

As to New Yorkers being thankful for their apartments, that was worth a good giggle, and I liked Louisiana’s ‘Rainbows,’ and Iowa’s choice of ‘Sunsets.’

So did the list surprise you? And what are you thankful for?

It was noted by the original composer of the article Elite Daily, that the people who voted in the survey were 90% female. This also amuses me, but I keeping quiet on that score 😉


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