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Hello Wipsters! Whipping up a storm in this week’s excerpt… it’s all coming together nicely 🙂 Three more weeks and I reckon she’ll be finished. (I HOPE!) Wish me luck x


As Good As Dead

“I’m hungry,” Lainey complained, after her backside had gone completely numb and her teeth were rattling inside her head.

“You’ll live.” Mercer didn’t take his eyes off the road.

“I’m hungry and I need the bathroom,” retorted Lainey, who was not to be fobbed off.

“So you’ll live and you’ll need to cross your legs for the next half hour. We’ll be arriving at Charles De Gaulle shortly. You’re a big girl, you’ll have to hold it.”

Lainey squirmed uncomfortably in her seat and muttered, “I liked Guillaume a lot more than I like you. At least he fed me.”

“I liked Guillaume a lot more than me, but unfortunately one of your pals has him, which is why we can’t waste any more time with ‘human’ problems.” Mercer neatly swerved out of the way of a VW camper van going half the motorway speed limit. To enable the driver to understand how he felt, he used several well-known finger signals in his rear view mirror.

“Not all witches are ‘my pals’ and how on earth have you not managed to learn some patience in your hundreds of years on this planet?” She rolled her eyes in annoyance.

“You didn’t like Guillaume that much because you went to bed with me,” said Mercer, ignoring the former comment. Before Lainey could fire back a retort, he asked, “What’s in the serum?”

“I’ve told you. A cure for cancer.” Lainey fiddled with her hands in her lap and refused to look at him.

“Yes, I remember. What else is in the serum?”

Lainey put her hands on her head and rubbed her temples. “Do we have to do this here?”

“You’d rather do it on the aircraft?” This time she did look at him and his expression was deadly serious.

“Yes. There’ll be more people on the aircraft.” She sounded nervous. She couldn’t help it. Whatever way she played this one, it was not going to go down well.

“You like having an audience, huh? I’d never have guessed.” He whistled.

“You’re not funny.” Lainey began, biting her fingernails. If that wasn’t a telling sign of nerves, she had no idea what was. Breathing deeply, she carefully placed both hands in her lap and clutched them tightly together.

“What’s in the serum, Lainey?” There was a long stretch of silence that Lainey refused to break. His hands tapping upon the steering wheel nearly drove her mad, but eventually, he tilted his head to one side and clucked his tongue. Lainey hoped he was done with the conversation, but that was not the case. “I can reach under the waist band of your jeans and snap the elastic on those panties oh so very easily. Bra’s also annoy me, you may have guessed? I could probably do some damage to that, too. While we’re at it…”

“The serum also happens to be…


That’s all for today’s snippet folks 😉

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6 thoughts on “#WIPITUP Wednesday -Having an Audience – #Sexy Romance @naughtynell101

  1. I love the way he plays with her mind to get her to tell him what’s in the serum. This guy has a savvy way of being persuasive. ♥☺♥.
    Happy Holidays Christiana. Can’t wait for more of this one.

  2. What’s in the serum?! What?! I hate cliffhangers, but I have to admit, this one was a good one Christina.

    Good luck on meeting your writing goal too! 🙂

  3. I’m with Daryl, you forgot to post the next paragraph – and the next few pages, it seems. 😉 I seriously need to know more. Great snippet. Love the cover, too, btw. Very compelling. Here’s hoping you make your deadline because we are waiting for this one. !!

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