#Facebook and the #NAKED / NUDITY POLICE @naughtynell101


I like Facebook – it’s a great place to share pictures and gifs, and it can be a great community when people get together. What I don’t like is the number of restrictions it places on it’s members – after all its there to serve us, not the other way around, right?

My biggest gripe – you can’t post naked pictures. This may offend some people and is against Facebook guidelines. Why? Is there anyone out there in the world who hasn’t seen a NAKED BODY? Why on earth should one of the most beautiful things on earth offend people?

If it does offend you, then you can just put ‘don’t show me posts like this’ and the problem should be solved, but oh no, Facebook refuses to allow nudity. OK, fine. Be prudish. 50 Shades of Grey is out there, Anne Rice’s Beauty series is coming to cable… but yeah, nudity is still so shocking we’d better keep it under wraps. We could all posts hearts and flowers instead, right?

Personally, I’d rather have less pictures of terrorists and more pictures of naked bodies (preferably male, but I’m not that fussy…)

So, what are your thoughts? Am I too liberal? Are naked bodies really that offensive? If we get to watch beheadings and all sorts of other nasties on FB, I fail to see why nudity provides such a problem, although I’m aware that the stir it causes in society is great.

For instance: you can write a marvellous book about an axe entering a head in all kinds of detail, and there won’t be a squeak of complaint, but write about a penis entering a vagina and you’ll be assured of many problems, big and small. Put a pair of handcuffs on a book for sale in Amazon, and you’ll also be dumped in front of the ‘naughty police’ for infringements upon humanity or hidden in their dungeon, which is almost as good.

So… I need to know. Are naked bodies really that offensive? I agree that they come in all shapes and sizes, and have a few differences according to gender, but honestly… I think they’re all beautiful.

We’re human beings… and we’re truly amazing in all shades, colours, varieties and genders. Can we learn to love naked bodies? Can we be a little more open-minded and a lot less judgemental? Can we stop reporting posts on Facebook because we have boring and under-utilised lives? (Sorry, I had to get that in 😉 )

Yours, Christina slightly-ticked-off-but-mostly-over-it Mandara.


9 thoughts on “#Facebook and the #NAKED / NUDITY POLICE @naughtynell101

  1. I think the worst part is that the standards aren’t even. A nude(ish) male body will not get reported the way a female body will. And quite frankly, most of the “reporting” seems to be done by people with an ax to grind anyway. Shouldn’t there be some way to deal with people who go looking for problems and report the same people over and over again, instead of actually using the tools Facebook offers to make sure you don’t see what you don’t like?

  2. The times I have ranted over this issue. Not just Face Book, Pinterest was similar a couple of years ago, things seem to have settled a good deal now.

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