#MSS and #SatSpanks – In Need of a Spanking! @naughtynell101

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Hello spank-a-holics. Have you done your Holiday Shopping? Is it wrapped up? Is the freezer stocked with goodies? Yes or no… you probably need a little relaxation on a Saturday morning, so have some steamy naughtiness… 😉



Striding back to the kitchen, he grabbed a bottle of Sambuca, a bucket of ice cubes, a penknife, a piece of ginger, a shot glass, a lighter and some coffee beans. Dumping them all on a tray, he carried the items silently to his room and nudged the door open with his elbow.

His little princess was kneeling at the foot of his bed, arms wrapped behind her as instructed, and her head was dipped towards the floor, but she was not naked. How interesting. “Don’t tell me you’re in a need of a spanking so soon after the theatrics of the carousel, my pet?”

“I couldn’t undo the zip,” she whispered miserably, not daring to look up. He smiled to himself. “Then you should have ripped the thing off from end to end. Disobeying instructions is a very serious business between a Master and a submissive, and you should endeavour to obey each and every command to the letter.”

In truth, he’d known she wouldn’t be able to get out of the dress without his help, and that gave him a reason for what he was about to do next, not that he’d really needed one – but it would certainly help instil a future eagerness for obedience. Bending down and placing both hands around her neck, watching her shudder helplessly beneath him, he whispered, “Stand up.”

She got to her feet so quickly she nearly head-butted him in the process. Grabbing the little red penknife from the tray behind him, he held it out on his open palm in front of her eyes. “Do you trust me?” he murmured.


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