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Hello Wipsters. Two sleeps to go until the big day. I hope you’re all de-stressing with a big glass of wine, beer… or whatever else takes your fancy. This holiday lark is hard work 😉 Anyways, put your feet up, take a deep breath and read naughty stuff. Will it calm you down? Probably not… but as the big day is nearly here, you might as well stay stressed until then 😉


Good As Dead

Mercer grinned when he saw her discomfort, the smug bastard. The fire in his eyes said he understood exactly what he’d done to her yesterday evening. Grrrr.

“I have something for that.” With his fingernail he scratched an inch-long line in the soft flesh of his wrist and when it began to bleed, he squeezed a few drops into the glass of water he’d brought.

“Ewww. I’m going to throw up. There’s no way you can make me drink that.” Lainey turned her head away in disgust as the liquid inside the glass began to turn a cloudy pink in colour.

“You should know better than to issue challenges like that, because I guarantee I can make you drink that, and in under a minute if you prove to be difficult.” Giving her a stern look, he growled, “Drink it up, Lainey. My blood will repair most of the damage that last night created in seconds. It’s going to be a long day and you need to be fighting fit in order to get through it.”

“Absolutely not. You drink it.” Lainey compressed her lips firmly together and gave him a mutinous look. Humans did not drink blood. It was not a difficult concept to understand.

“I don’t need to drink it. It’s my blood, idiot.” The stern look changed to a glower. “You have to the count of three, Miss Hargreaves and if that glass of water is not drained you are going to regret it. One… two…”

He didn’t get to three, he simply dived under the covers and spread her legs wide, before attaching his mouth to her sex. His tongue attacked one very bruised clitoris with a lot more force than necessary, and Lainey jumped so high, she did a couple of laps on a neighbouring space satellite before her body made it back down to the bed.

“Get off me. Get off me! I’ll drink the blasted thing. Goddamn, you do not play fair, Mercer. GET OFF ME NOW!” Scrambling upwards, her head cracked against the wooden headboard, whilst she thrust her duvet back down towards his head and pushed with all her might. He did not move an inch and his mouth appeared to have the tenacity of superglue. As his tongue rolled along her hyper-sensitive clit she began pummelling him with her hands, and swore if he didn’t stop soon, she’d be the one biting him.

All of a sudden he pulled away and raised his head up. Running his finger across his wet bottom lip, he then sucked it into his mouth and said, “I’d rather taste you than coffee any day of the week, Lainey, but a deal’s a deal, I guess. Drink up. Now.” He licked his lips as if to remind her of the consequences of disobedience.

Shooting upright, Lainey grabbed the glass and stared into it with a frown. The concoction was thankfully odourless, but the thought of drinking someone’s blood was not particularly appealing. Looking at him through lidded eyes, as if pleading for mercy, she could not bring herself to take a sip.

“If you want to play it that way, that’s fine by me. I think after seven or eight orgasms, though, you’ll probably think differently.” He picked up the ends of the duvet and made to dive back under it.


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3 thoughts on “#WIPITUP Wednesday – I guarantee I can make you drink that – #sexy @naughtynell101

  1. Oh! Mercer is EVIL! Who knew that many orgasms could be painful. I hope that Lainey drinks the drink quickly! Otherwise, she’s going to be in a lot of pain!

    Merry Christmas! 🙂

  2. My gosh, this man doesn’t play fair at all, does he? Drink Up Lainey… you can do it! However, I think the whole reason for her healing drink is so that she can withstand more insurmountable pleasures at the hand, (or other body parts) of Mercer. ☺
    Love your books woman! Merry Christmas!

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