The Mandara Equestrian Club #Giggle @naughtynell101

mandara1There is now an equestrian club in Abu Dhabi called ‘The Mandara Equestrian Club.’ It has it’s own RIDING SCHOOL. I kid you not. How amazing is that? I have to wonder how they came across the word ‘Mandara,’ though, as it isn’t very common!


So, this is the official definition of ‘Mandara’ on the web:

• MANDARA (noun)
The noun MANDARA has 1 sense:
1. a Chadic language spoken in the Mandara mountains in Cameroon; has only two vowels
Familiarity information: MANDARA used as a noun is very rare.

It also has some roots in the Japanese language and shares a definition similar to ‘brave,’ while in Turkish the meaning translates as ‘humiliate.’


I’m itching to know how old this equestrian club is, for obvious reasons, but can’t find any mention of a date on the website. Grrrr LOL! Anyway, if you’re ever in Abu Dhabi and you fancy a spot of horse riding, this is the place to see: — Take some photos for me 😉



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