#Writers! Need FREE Help With Social Media?


I’m starting a new Facebook group focusing on social media help for authors. Facebook likes and follows, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, Blog / Website, Wattpad etc. Likes and follows – that kinda thing and more.

We’re going to try and work on newsletter development, and a few other aspects of marketing, too.

The group is now over 300 strong, but we need lots more people to make it a success, so if you fancy coming along and having a look around, join with your Facebook profile: SOCIAL MEDIA SUPPORT GROUP

There’ll be a daily post like the one below and you can pick and choose which ones to take part in… whatever suits you best 🙂 So what do you say? Looks like fun, right! 

I should add that whilst this group will be focused around authors, you don’t have to be an author to join. Bloggers, singers and starving artists of all kinds are welcome here.


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