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Masturbation Monday

Hello Monday Moan Dayers 🙂


Hot to Trot

Inside the privacy of the tiled wet room, Mark laid out his implements of torture with precision and care. He would begin with an anal douche, filled with a mixture of mineral water and lubricant. It would ensure that she would be nice and slick for the lengthy session he had planned. Then he had a set of vibrating anal beads, which he would slowly work in and out of her, widening that little hole of hers to its greatest potential. A couple of stainless steel lollipop probes would be used later, in combination with a bucket of iced water and the radiator for some interesting temperature play. In order to bring the colour of her backside back to full crimson glory, he’d use a set of anal dilators and his riding crop. It would be her first lesson in muscle control and should be entertaining. They’d finish in the training room with the sybian, his cock and a wickedly ridged, pyramid butt plug. Mark found his mood improving considerably with each item he prepared. The last vision of her being flung to and fro from the saddle of the sybian, while deep throating his cock and taking as much as she could of the pyramid-shaped plug in her ass, almost had him salivating. He shouldn’t be. She was untrained, would probably give the sloppiest of blow jobs and her gag reflex would be annoying. Unfortunately, he didn’t think she’d need to work him over too hard because he’d been dying to shove his cock in that pretty little face all day. Whether it was because she was Redcliff’s daughter or just that she had a little bit of spirit and the looks to go with it, remained to be seen. Feeling uncharacteristically frisky, with his cock twitching in his tight breeches, Mark decided he was ready to go and fetch his prey.


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