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Masturbation Monday

Hello Moan Dayers – It’s Monday again, but don’t despair! We have naughtiness for you and LOTS of it. I’m tackling anal play today. Brace yourselves 😀


Hot To Trot

Anal Training

Mark pulled a chair up alongside Jenny and noted how her legs had already started to shake. For some ponies, being penetrated anally was one of the quickest ways to gain their submission. He wasn’t sure if it was because wearing the tail plug and associating it with their newly acquired animal status gave them base feelings, or the thought that having their ass filled was somewhat of a nasty taboo, but he’d seen the reaction on several occasions. Some grew to love having their asses played with and others would always hate it, but without exception, all were turned on by ass play or they did not last long at Albrecht. Considering the well of liquid he could see contained in his subject’s gaping pussy, it was clear that Jenny found the idea of anal play arousing, whether she wanted to admit it or not.

Pulling on a pair of thin, black, kid leather gloves, he picked up the first in his arsenal of gadgets: the gradually increasing in size, vibrating anal beads. The first bead was just half an inch in diameter and would slide in easily; the last bead was a more impressive 1.25 inches and would take a little work. First things first, though. Applying generous amounts of lubricant to all of his toys and his right-hand glove, he would start the proceedings delicately. Inserting the tip of his leather clad finger inside her anus, he began to massage the hole; stretching it gently, before slowly thrusting his digit back and forth, to accustom her to the idea of movement.

Jenny was trying her hardest to smother a groan. Whatever he was searching for down there, if he found it – she wanted it back. Wearing a plug was bad enough, but having his finger pump inside her was ten times worse. It was mortifying as hell, slightly uncomfortable and horribly arousing. The man was obviously in no hurry, either. There were only two thoughts that were going to get her through this ordeal: the fact that she would shortly be getting rid of Mr Nasty, her chief tormentor, and the prospect of rescue tomorrow. After a hurried debate, she decided to add another thought to the list. The possibility of an orgasm, please, oh God, please. The hard, plastic vibrating beads had just begun their journey into the darkest, most private depths of her body and – damnit – they felt good.

Mark watched her body stiffen, but knew it was not through pain. He’d only worked two of the smallest beads inside her and the plug she’d worn for most of the afternoon had been bigger in circumference. The tightly clenched set of her body was because she was aroused and it was obvious that while she wanted release, she wasn’t at all comfortable with the idea of him staring straight into her pelvic region in her doubly exposed manner. Get used to it, horsie, because the crazy antics get worse from here on in. In any case, she’d had a tame start to her first day at the stables. Most of the other fillies that had been on today’s intake were now wearing full tack and trying to attract the attention of the most handsome Dom. Easing the third and fourth beads inside her, he was already admiring his handiwork and he had another 6 beads to go. Twist, turn, roll and push. That took care of another two. He watched the delicious set of her mouth, tight around the bit, as he pressed in bead number 7.


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