#SatSpanks – How Much For A Sex Slave? Twenty Million?

Saturday Spankings


Hello Spankos! And HOORAY! It’s the weekend. As it’s a holiday weekend here in the UK, you’re snippet is a wee bit longer than usual 😉 Somebody will have to spank me… *Sticks bottom out*


The Ties That Bind

“You do the stupid act very well, don’t you? Socialite bimbo without a care in the world bar when her nails are going to be painted or when her back is about to be massaged. It is an act, though, isn’t it?” He stared up at the darkening sky thoughtfully. “The question is why?”

Jenny debated answering his enquiry, which was littered with cerebral landmines, but decided that she was going to have to trust someone and Mark was her last resort. “I do what is expected of me and I act accordingly. I learnt a long time ago, that if I play the fool, I learn a whole lot more than if I offer up a whiff of intelligence. I get into a lot less trouble if I’m the clueless daughter, with no hope of understanding the logistics of the oil business… or other things.”

Mark narrowed his eyes as he cast a sidelong glance at her. “Doesn’t keeping up an act like that on a daily basis drive you mad?”

“It keeps me out of the limelight for the most part, and these days that’s all I care about,” but even as she uttered the words, Jenny knew them for a lie. That had been then. Now she was faced with a whole different ball game and she had goals. Big goals. She turned the conversation back to him. “So what did he say when you offered to buy me?”

He nearly knocked the transmission into reverse after that remark. Here was a girl who clearly knew her game. He guessed there was no point beating around the bush. “He said no.”

“What did you offer?”

Mark felt rather uncomfortable as he answered, “A lot.”

“Ten million? Twenty? I can help you get some of the money. I’m not entirely useless.”

“I offered fifty and then asked him to name his price. He still said no.” Mark felt an edge creeping into his voice as he remembered his conversation with her father.


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