24 #Free Books for #BEA courtesy of @InstaFreebie! WoOhoO! Steamy Sexy!


#BEABookBlast: Volume I

To celebrate BookExpo America, instaFreebie is teaming up with our authors to bring readers loads of free ebooks through a massive BEA Book Blast! Stay tuned all this week for a total of over 70 ebook giveaways that span across a wide variety of genres!

Trisha M. Wilson

AShoeA Shoe’s Tale
available until 5/31

Patricia Leslie

ASingleA Single Light
100 copies available

Jonathan K Benton

AWickedA Wicked Kind of Dark
100 copies available

MK McClintock

AlainaAlaina Claiborne
25 copies available

Louise Lake

Arabella Arabella

Olivia Rigal

AsHeBids1As He Bids

Tracy M. Joyce

Asena1Asena Blessed
100 copies available

Isobel Blackthorn

100 copies available

Lynn Thompson

available until 5/14

Olivia Aycock


Chris Heffernan

100 copies available

Starla Silver

Demon1Demon Street Blues

C.P. Mandara

DesiringDesiring Death

Heather Sunseri


Megan Mitcham

EnemyEnemy Mine

Jennah Scott

Evan1Evan’s Luck
5 copies available

Appreciate the freebies? Let our authors know in the comments! And get excited for the next two volumes of our BEA Book Blast coming up later in the week!

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