Who Reads More Books? Women or Men? #books #writing

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The battle of the sexes continues! Who reads more novels into adulthood? Is it women or men?

This is a question that’s easily answered. There is a whole host of statistical evidence to prove that women read far more novels than men, visit the library more often, physically buy more books than men, are members of more book clubs than men – and they even write more books than men!

If you want to do your own research, you need only scour the USA Today Best Seller or NYT fiction best-seller list to come up with your own conclusions. Generally, at least 2/3rds of the titles listed are written by women and research suggests that around fifty percent of woman are avid readers, regularly bringing a book to bed with them at night.

Still don’t believe me? Several years ago, British author Ian McEwan decided to find out for himself by conducting his own experiment in the middle of London. What did he do? Simple – he gave out FREE books. He gave away thirty novels very easily, but nearly all of the giveaway recipients were women. In fact, he claimed the women were ‘eager and grateful’ for his gifts, whilst the men were ‘frowned in suspicion, or distate.’ Imagine that? Knocking back a free book? We wouldn’t do it, would we girls? What a crime!

Whatever your take is on the matter, surveys regularly note that women read far more books than their male counterparts, especially in relation to fiction.

Let’s Talk About Fiction

Did you know that females readers account for nearly 80% of the fiction market, leaving their poor gender opposites floundering with the remaining 20%?

Bookstores can confirm this, watching women march over the fiction shelves, whilst their male counterparts peruse mostly non-fiction titles. They can also confirm they have more female customers.

So what’s the reason for this gender discrepancy?

Psychologist have long known that women are more empathetic than men and they display and possess a greater emotional range of feelings than men. Women appear to be more sensitive than men and have more patience to sit still and read.

Fun Facts:

Fact: More Boys have read Harry Potter than girls.
Fact: People today are reading far less than their ancestors did.
Fact: One in four adults have no interest in reading at all.

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    • It is a very biased towards M/f… I like a bit of both myself and it would be nice to see a bit more Femdom entering the marketplace 🙂

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