#MasturbationMonday – #Masturbated To The Point of Climax Every Half Hour Without Release!

Masturbation Monday

Another week gone, another MOAN DAY MONDAY. We’re moaning and groaning today in…


Hot to Trot

I think I’d drug you with something quick and fast-acting like Pentothal. You’d be on the floor in a few seconds, in a delicious heap of unconsciousness, but you wouldn’t stay that way for long. That means I’d need some strong, burly helpers, as you’re a beautifully big guy in all the right places. Hmm let’s see… you’d be rigged up via a pulley system on either side of a large open window, with 15mm thick hemp rope. Your body would be angled and tensioned so that it jutted forward at about 30 degrees. The open window would be at least 10 stories high above the ground and my preference would be for around 20. You’d also be stripped naked and on full view to the general public, should they wish to glance up and admire you, which any sane female would and probably the odd male as well. I would cut the first strand of rope on either side of the pulley, which means that you would have to stay very still and not struggle or nod off. The consequences of movement, of course, would be that the rope would eventually fray and sever, and you would fall rather messily to the road below. That should be enough to incentivise your co-operation. Because of the tension, you’d need to stand on tiptoes to ease the pressure upon your body. I think I’d add coils of rope around your neck, too, tensioned to your outstretched arms, so that you could not move an inch without choking yourself. You’d be the perfect mannequin. Then, darling, I would employ the piece de resistance. You would be masturbated to the point of climax, without release, every half an hour and you would have absolutely no idea as to the owners of the hands that clamped around your cock, for I would make sure they would change frequently. In case you were wondering, they would include both men and women. To ensure no accidental release, your cock would be fitted with a solid penis plug, inserted into your urethra. You’d also be wearing a cock ring, to make sure that your member stood proud and to attention at all times and if you appeared to be flagging, encouragement would be provided in the form of a crop, paddle or flogger. The crop would be applied to your buttocks, thighs and back. Perhaps even the soles of your feet if I was feeling particularly nasty.’




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