#SatSpanks – Hot & Steamy Shower Session #ANAL

Saturday Spankings

Hello Spankos! Only three more days until Midsummer’s Eve – so I hope the weather is all hot and steamy where you are. Talking about hot and steamy…


The Ties That Bind

00194“Leyland is very excited about having you in the building. He’s had pets in the building before, of course, but never a pony. He can’t wait to get shots of your ass all plugged up with that magnificent tail.” There was another laugh, and her hands, satisfied that they had done a reasonable job at shampooing, started to explore Jenny’s body. “Just paw at the floor if I do anything you don’t like, OK?”

As two hands cupped her breasts and busied themselves rubbing shampoo soapsuds around, Jenny didn’t waste much time thinking about pawing, or anything else for that matter. A familiar ache reignited itself between her legs and her lips parted on a soft gasp. The hands paid no heed. They tugged at her nipples, rolling them in their smooth, delicate little fingers until Jenny squirmed in heat beneath them. “Oh, that’s nice, huh? I’ll be sure to tell his highness, when he’s in need of the ‘perfect shot.’ They always want you revved up before the cameras start clicking.” Her hands then rolled over her ribs, feeling their way down each bone until they reached her waist. Then they reached back up and began to lather some more soap into the small of her back and buttocks. “I’m Adele by the way,” the blonde introduced herself, “one of Leyland’s regulars, and I’ll be guiding you through the processing stage.” Adele’s fingers smoothed the slippery soap into the crease between her buttocks, rubbing gently, before she carefully began to slide her fingers around the circumference of the butt plug, lubricating the base with great care before she began to pump it slowly in her fingers.


3 thoughts on “#SatSpanks – Hot & Steamy Shower Session #ANAL

  1. Jenny’s time under Leland’s “care” was an exquisite torture that slowly stroked its way into cruelty. I shuddered as Jenny was trapped in a maelstrom of pleasure so intensely painful that it nearly undid her. To me, Leland vies with Mark for the sadist of the year award. Loved the snippet, Christina.

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