#WIPITUP Wednesday -The Velvet Chair


Hello Wipsters – I’m having my Wednesday gin and tonic, and relaxing with my feet up for a few hours. Midweek (and all the other days of the week) have that effect on me. Still, I’ve been writing… as you’re about to find out 😉

The Velvet Chair

sexy blond in beige silk dress sitting on the black armchair

Concentrating on the chief bridesmaid, who was deliciously attractive for all the wrong reasons, I played host and began filling everyone’s water glass. Although the staff at the Savoy were more than capable of the job, I had my reasons. Miss Redcliff needed to take a toilet break and soon. As I picked up a bottle of Sancerre and began to fill everyone’s wine glass, it was nearly wrestled out of my hand by a frantic waiter, but I shook my head at him and watched as he hopped from one foot to the other, wondering what to do next. I didn’t feel sorry for him. It was his good fortune that he had only a minor discomfort to deal with and not the nuclear fallout I was currently forced to endure. Everyone on our table got a generous helping of some of France’s finest sauvignon blanc grapes, bar Jennifer, and her glass got a mere trickle. I’d decided that whatever she was on wouldn’t mix well with grapes, and as she turned to stare furiously at me, I dared her to argue, with my finger lazily tracing the lace outline of her dress just above her breasts.

“I hate you,” she whispered softly through gritted teeth, and her smile was wavering.

“Then it was a really foolish idea to marry me,” I said pleasantly, my finger now dipping behind the lace to reach the goodies underneath. She wrenched herself out of my reach, plastered another smile on her face and reached for her water glass. What a good girl. When she had drained it, our extremely attentive waiter snatched the water jug up before I could reach it and refilled it. He seemed to breath a silent sigh of relief at his small victory and refused to relinquish possession of the jug. My lips twitched.

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