#WIPITUP Wednesday – The Velvet Chair – Don’t Struggle #BDSM


Hello Wipsters! It’s Wednesday, it’s work in progress time and you already know what’s coming, right? Yep… Jennifer Redcliff 😉

sexy blond in beige silk dress sitting on the black armchair

The Velvet Chair

“Don’t struggle, Jennifer. This will all be over in a moment, and we’ll have you winging your way back to your gorgeous husband,” said Candace. “How in hell’s name did you manage to get your claw’s into him, anyway? He was supposed to be unattainable, by all accounts. We’re impressed, aren’t we, Pen?”

Penelope flicked a long strand of her platinum blonde hair behind her head and sighed. “What I wouldn’t do to that man.” Her fuschia pink lips pouted to form a little moue and she said, “You are so lucky to have him, Jen. Most of London is green with envy.” She then began rummaging about in her Louis Vuitton Capucines handbag.

Yep, I felt really lucky. I was in the middle of the public toilets in The Savoy, bent over at a ninety degree angle with my cuffed hands bent up agonizingly painfully towards my neck, and to add insult to injury, gagged. Any more luck today, and I’m sure I’d feel like I’d won the lottery. In lieu of being able to tell the girls my exact thoughts on the matter, I grunted as loud as I could. With any luck someone outside would hear and come and rescue me.

“Ahh, here it is.” Penelope’s face lit up in a smile that Colgate would have been proud of. Yanking my head upwards so I could see the item she was so pleased with, reflected in the semi-circular mirror in front of me, I frowned in confusion. It appeared to be bulb-shaped and made of stainless steel or chrome. It also featured a padlock on the end. I was at a loss.

“Have you ever seen one of these?” She waggled the thing around and I was almost mesmerized by a hundred and one silver bullets that glinted at me from every angle of the room.

As I was pretty sure she wasn’t expecting a spoken answer, I shook my head. Upon closer inspection, there was a cross at the base, supposedly where you held it – but to do what with? I was still none the wiser. Seriously, it looked like one of those bulb planters – you know the ones where you stick them in the ground and go around planting tulips? Yep, me neither – but honestly, there was no other use for it I could fathom. Giving another loud grunt for good measure, I looked up at her and waited to be put out of my misery.

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    • LMAO. Not repelled enough, obviously 😉 But I plan to get it out by the end of the year. October maybe? 🙂

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