#SatSpanks – How Does That Plug Feel? #Anal

Saturday Spankings

Hello Spankos – and give a cheer – for the best days of the week (the weekend) is HERE! Woohoo! Right, off to talk about naughtiness… you know me 😉

 Hot to Trot
“How does that plug feel?” said Mr Nasty, giving it a poke with his ever-ready crop as she crawled along on all fours beside him. Jenny didn’t give him the satisfaction of a look. He knew damn well she couldn’t speak as he’d fitted her bridle and bit himself. Answering the question for her own benefit alone, Jenny decided that the plug felt horrible. Yes, horrible, but if she was being completely honest it also felt delicious at the same time. The full feeling that the plug provided was rather uncomfortable as she moved along, but as it twisted and jiggled inside her, it made her pussy clench. The metal hook running over her clit rubbed with each forward motion she made and combined, they made her want to run to the nearest tree and rub herself silly around it. She needed an orgasm. No, that wasn’t quite right. She desperately needed an orgasm. Spartacus was well aware of the fact, and he just added to her level of arousal with each stride forward of his glossy back riding boots. She was not going to watch his delectable backside bounce up and down. Much. Even if it was pert, firm and curved in all the right places.
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