#SatSpanks – A bright red bottom! #BDSM & Spanking

Saturday Spankings

Hello Spankos… it’s the weekend and you should be spanking! Or reading about spanking… err right… that’s why you’re here.


Dirty Doms

I began to tingle all over, and somehow the spanking that James was administering was connecting the dots all over my body with an intensity that was frightening. My skin started to flush, and the heat began to build. James’s palm was firm and unyielding, and it unerringly hit the same spot. It wasn’t long before each smack began to burn.

It was an insidious heat. It began with a few flickering flames, moved on to a well-tended blaze, and before I knew it, my backside had turned into the mouth of a live volcano. My whole body stiffened painfully in preparation for each new smack, and I realised I was doing exactly what James had told me not to. If I didn’t do something soon, this session was going to be over before it had barely begun, and that would be hideously embarrassing. My pride wouldn’t let me surrender so soon, even if my ass was screaming at the top of its lungs.


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5 thoughts on “#SatSpanks – A bright red bottom! #BDSM & Spanking

  1. As they say, pride cometh before the fall. I’ve a feeling relaxing at this point is going to be nearly impossible for her, yet that’s exactly what she needs to do in order to lessen the impact. Love the snippet, Christina.

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