#WIPITUP Wednesday – I’ll Make You Come So Hard You’ll Wet Yourself! #BDSM Ooh Err


Hello Wipsters! It’s August, it’s HOT, and I’m writing erotica. How steamy can you get? Well… how about this steamy…

The Velvet Chair

sexy blond in beige silk dress sitting on the black armchair

—– Mark ——————–

“Let’s find out the answer to my earlier question, shall we?” Her arms and legs rattled their chains in response, but it was hardly much of a deterrent to me. Two of my fingers snaked down her back, doing a measured little dance, until they came to the rosy little stripes. I then gently traced each one, noting her soft little shudder, before my hand dipped lower. Entering the valley between her ass cheeks, I pressed her body forward until she was flat against the wall. Cupping her sex in one swift move, I circled her wet little hole over and over again, waiting until she mewled in defeat, her neck arching to the side.

“You can’t fight this, can you, precious?” I placed my lips to the delicate curve of her neck as I slid a gloved finger gently inside her. There was no resistance, just as I’d suspected. One finger became two, and I pumped them in and out, even as my thumb reached for higher pastures. “I’m going to fill every hole, full to bursting, and bring you to the point of orgasm so many times, you’ll be choking on your own sobs of frustrated pleasure. When you finally nod that head, I’m going to make you come so hard you’ll wet yourself.” My free hand made it’s way to her face, where I found the dome of the red ball gag and I traced lazy, wet circles in the saliva that had gathered there. “Do you think I can do that, precious? Is it possible I could make you lose control that badly?” Adorable little snuffling sounds came from her nose as she adamantly shook her head, but I knew differently. I could do all that and more, and it would be oh so easy.

“Well, there’s only one way to find out,” I said, my thumb tracing a firm line around her lips before I yanked the leather strap of the ball gag back and let my gaze bore down on her.

Fuck. Those eyes. Those glorious, indigo eyes, swimming with emotion were nearly my undoing. Pushing her head sharply back towards the wall, I took a deep breath and remembered what she and her father had done to me. This little session was nothing when you compared it to that. Hell, they’d practically tried to kill me, and I didn’t want to think about all the other liberties they’d taken with my body. I knew Redcliff would have a nasty little tape with our session stored somewhere safe, and if I didn’t move to get Jennifer out of my life now I’d be stuck with her for good. That couldn’t happen. I needed to do this.


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2 thoughts on “#WIPITUP Wednesday – I’ll Make You Come So Hard You’ll Wet Yourself! #BDSM Ooh Err

  1. Yikes! Though I can’t blame him, I know Jennifer isn’t guilty of everything he suspects and when he discovers that he’s going to hate himself for what he’s putting her through.

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