I Need Your Help! Vote For the World’s Top #Sex Bloggers


Hello there Sexy People! Kinkly.com (home of general naughtiness) is hosting their annual   sex bloggers competition. I would really, really, REALLY appreciate it if you could vote for me HERE. The Karma points you’ll get for doing so will be OFF THE SCALE, honest 😉

Okay, here’s why they do it:

This is the fourth year that KINKLY will promote this contest and over that relatively short time, things have definitely shifted. For one, our site has grown a lot. We now reach more people than ever before. So has our list of sex bloggers. It now includes almost 350 active sex blogs. Other things have changed, too. We’re seeing more sex toys on TV and in mainstream media. We’re seeing sex educators getting bigger and better and more prominent gigs. And while we wouldn’t even dream of claiming to have a role in all of this, we think we’re a (small) part of all of it. And we’re damn proud of it, too.

So, back to all those sex bloggers. We’re looking to honor your favorite sex bloggers, the ones who have influenced, educated and inspired your sex life. We’re looking for bloggers who write well, bravely and often. We’re looking for new bloggers and old favorites and everyone in between. We’re on the hunt for the best bloggers of 2016 and we need your help to find them.

Have a favorite sex blogger you want to nominate? Here’s how it works:

Find your favorite blogger in our Sex Blogger Directory. (If you’d like to submit your own blog, you can do so here.)
Starting October 1st, you can visit your favorite bloggers’ profiles and click the Vote For Me button on their page. Voting for the same blogger more than once won’t count, but feel free to vote for multiple blogs.
We’ll read through every blog with at least five votes and choose our top 100 favorites based on writing quality, posting frequency and sex-positive content. (THIS is one of the perks of running this site!)
Only blogs that receive at least five votes by October 9th, 2016, will be counted!
At the end of October, we’ll announce the Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2016. Like last year, we’ll also break out several categories and crown a winner in each one. (Because, hey, if we could give everyone a prize, we totally would.) Each category winner will receive a prize from our sponsor. And, because we want to spread the love around, we’ll also draw among all the winners for a grand cash prize of $500.



And if you voted for lil old me – T. H. A. N. K.    Y. O. U !! ((Hugs))

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