Sub Training – Let’s Talk #Gags


Here’s another wonderful little submissive training picture from on Pinterest.

The Classic Ball Gag – Cue dribbling. It does look good in bright red with black leather straps and there’s just something about stretching someone’s mouth that wide that makes you go ‘Oooh.’

The Wiffle – Same design as a ball gag but with holes drilled through a hollow plastic ball. It makes it much easier to draw breath, and when play is hot, hard and dirty… well…

The Bit Gag – Neigh or 50 Shades of Hay. Yes, you’ve guessed it, for pony-play enthusiasts, you can’t beat a bit gag.

The Panel Gag – A nice large version providing oodles of peace and quiet. A little more humiliating perhaps?

The Gag Harness – Even more humiliating as this will have something attached to it. A dildo, a feather duster… who knows?

The Spider Gag – This one keeps the mouth open wide for business and you’ll still get plenty of dribbling with no coherent sentences. Result. I think they also call them O-ring gags.

Feel free to give me your definition of these beauties in the comments below 😉

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