#MasturbationMonday – AutoErotic Asphyxiation #AEA

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Hello all of you people who hate Mondays and enjoy… moaning? Anyway, without further ado, here’s this week’s snippet 😉


Learning The Ropes

Jenny couldn’t fight him, she could barely inhale. The attack by his fingers was merciless. They flowed from pussy to clit and dipped and dived with wicked precision, one moment gently caressing, the next pumping and drilling vigorously. His other hand kept tightening its hold around her neck, pressing more firmly, degree by degree. Jenny wouldn’t have been able to breathe even if he relaxed his hold, as arousal had begun to overwhelm her with a sudden intensity that was terrifying. The man was slowly beginning to squeeze the life out of her and there was nothing she could do to stop him. Upon discovering he was serious in his intent, the onset of panic was swift. This man was going to hurt her. His dark look said he had every intention of doing so and those expert fingers had apparently practised this type of thing before. What sort of sexual deviants did they employ here? The staff were completely insane! Fingers clamped over her windpipe and began to press hard, crushing and bruising her fragile airway with frightening speed. It wasn’t long before she became light-headed with lack of oxygen and all she could do was watch while those dark brown eyes bored into hers. Was he going to kill her?


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