#Men are LESS LIKELY to use CONDOMS with attractive women #Sex Issues

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A new study published in BMJ Open, tells us men are less likely to wear condoms with attractive women. 

OMG! That can’t be right. Surely the fact that he doesn’t want his offspring, child alimony demands and, oh I don’t know, maybe a few STD’s is the reason he wears a condom? Apparently not. You’ve got to wonder whether we’re going to back to the theory of evolution here, haven’t you? Men finds attractive girl, swings her over his back caveman style and proceeds to populate the world with adorable, beautiful babies.

“One other interesting set of findings from this study is that the better-looking men perceived themselves as being, the less likely they were to want to use condoms. In addition, men who thought of themselves as more attractive also tended to think they were better judges of who had an STI. The latter finding could potentially help to explain the former—if guys who are more confident in how they look are also more confident in their judgments of risk, then they probably won’t feel as much need to use condoms consistently. Put another way, overly-confident guys might feel that they can get away with using condoms more selectively because their confidence leads them to perceive certain situations as safer than they really are.”

I can’t help but form my own judgements here, people. Most men do not want to use condoms. They reduce sensation, they can make the moment awkward and you have to pick the sticky mass up and dispose of it later. They’re not particularly romantic. In a new relationship, though, surely condoms are a must? Babies are the least of your worries… AIDS is a whole other ball game. This is your life we’re talking about!

So, the more attractive a man is, the more likely he feels his powers of seduction will manage to convince her he doesn’t need to wear one. Is that it? He thinks he’ll get away with it? Not particularly responsible.

Now whilst I know that most men out there ARE RESPONSIBLE and do take the consequences of unprotected sex seriously – we have sex education at schools, right? – if you’re a girl and you’re meeting one of these attractive blokes for the first time MAKE SURE HE WEARS ONE. He’s not attractive enough to contract aids from, whatever he tells you.

Quotes taken from an article written by the blog Sex and Psychology which can be found HERE.

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  1. Partners Should ALL Be Tested For STD’s Before Any Sex! Condom’s Are A VERY Small Price To Pay For Same Night Or First Time Sex! Risk Gets People Off But the Risk Here Is Way Too High!

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