Make Your Own Aphrodisiac! #Sex and #Food ~ Weekend Fun ~

Felix Fang is in Ojai, California to meet with modern-day medicine man and herbalist Mark Highlove. For centuries, stories have circled the globe about an alleged “love potion”—a magical mixture of chemicals and components that provoke a love-induced state. Inspired by the lore, Mark Highlove has concocted an aphrodisiac-inspired elixir of love using rare ingredients from around the world: He calls it “Highlove Vitality.”

Mark shows Felix how to make his “love potion,” and then Felix joins him for an intimate tea party with his friends to see if the elixir actually has an aphrodisiac effect.

So, I know you all want to know if you can make Mark’s LOVE JUICE at home for yourself and test out the theory of whether it actually works. So guys, there’s some GOOD NEWS! You can. He shows you, ingredient-by-ingredient, how you can make your own aphrodisiac and… even better news…. it’s good for MEN & WOMEN! Woot.

Apparently making the aphroteasiac  is all part of the foreplay and should deliver some warm tingles to all the parts that count.

You guys are going to be having so much fun this weekend… get those pots boiling over, okay? 😉

Blow by blow accounts are always welcome in the comments section, you know that right?

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