#SatSpanks – Forced Orgasms #BDSM


Hello weekend paddlers. Have you got your hairbrushes and spatulas ready? Good. Then we can begin 😉



“Shhh, Lois. I’m not going to make you beg for this one. We’ll save that for later. I think we need to loosen you up a bit, so just relax. You’re not going to be able to avoid this one, princess.

I had a feeling he was right. The plug in my ass was monstrous, but it felt amazing. It was his fingers that did the most damage, though. I’d thought the G-spot nonsense was the stuff of fairy tales, but James was swiftly convincing me otherwise. Those tiny movements he was making inside my body were setting off cataclysmic reactions everywhere. My legs were once again trembling, my hands were rattling inside their chains, and a pressure was building inside me that I couldn’t even begin to describe, but I knew it couldn’t be contained.

“You… You…” There was no point in trying to talk, so I clamped my lips together. His fingers didn’t stop their relentless progress, and a heavy feeling settled in my groin that was both heaven and hell. My hips pumped themselves up and down frantically, and there was no controlling that, try as I might. Forced towards some kind of pinnacle that I could neither see nor touch my body was left to flounder in the dark as my head spun.


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