#SatSpanks – Good As Dead – You will do as your told! #paranormal


Hello Spankos,

There’s a touch of romance in the air and with a little dose of BDSM to boot. For those that like paranormal… you’re in luck. This is Good As Dead… and… well… it’s naughty. I’m predictable if nothing else 😉


Good as Dead

“Today I was hauled out of bed at a ridiculous hour and told to rescue an idiot that had been buried somewhere in a field. That took quite a bit of energy, but I complied with orders. Next, I find you’ve been bitten by a Master vampire who pretty much guarantees your death as well as mine seeing as I’ve been sent to protect you. When I venture out to feed, I get shot. When I return, I get belted across the back of the head with a lamp. You could not make my day any less pleasurable if you tried, so I think we need to establish some ground rules here and they are quite simple. You will do as you’re told.”

He yanked on the curl he had captured and she had no choice but to stare at his mesmerising gold eyes. Swallowing at the invisible lump in her throat, she tried to force her head away from his dangerous gaze but could not break his hold over her. She wanted to roar in exasperation, for this mess could rival the Minos Labyrinth. She felt helpless and frustrated. They were two emotions she had very little experience with and she preferred it that way.

“Or what?” Lainey tried to bite back the retort but it was too late, the damage was done. When the vamp looked down at her, his eyes were rapidly darkening and his face was contorting with anger. She swallowed hard knowing she’d pushed him too far. Instinctively trying to back up, the wall was unforgiving and she smacked her head against it. His head was coming towards hers yet there was not a thing she could do about it. Wanting to scream, all that came out of her mouth was a pathetic little squeak.


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