#WIPITUP Wednesday – Get them all off at once! #BDSM


Howdy Wipsters! Wednesday again 😉 Y’all know what that means, right? Yep. More Mark and Jenny.

sexy blond in beige silk dress sitting on the black armchair

The Velvet Chair

——— Mark ————-

“Pineapple!” My head snapped round at the ludicrous word, disturbing my train of thought, and it was to find that either Katniss had a real craving for pineapple at this moment in time, or she’d waited too long to utter her safe word and was now paying the price. To be fair to The Rock, he got her down pretty quickly and placed her gently upon the floor, which at least took the strain off her having to hold herself up. She was still going to have to endure all those clothespins being removed from her body, and that’s where the nastiness would really start. There wasn’t a nice way of doing it. Going slowly would prolong the agony, and pulling them off fast would intensify it, but most submissives would take fast over slow any day of the week.

“Pineapple. Pineapple. Pineapple. Get them off. Get them off!” Fast it was. The Rock obviously had the same idea for he grabbed handfuls of pegs and yanked them upwards. Unfortunately, this had the added drawback of high-pitched screaming, but there wasn’t much he could do about that. She was free of all pegs in under a minute and being whisked away shortly after. A couple of ibuprofen and she’d be good as new.

“You’re not going to do that are you?” Jen looked down at me with a frown.

“Yell pineapple at the top of my lungs? I shouldn’t think so,” I replied.

“Very funny. Are you going to pull all of these off at once?”

“Only if you ask me to very, very, nicely.” My lips twitched. They couldn’t help themselves.

“I can’t think of a sensible reason as to why I’d do that.” Jen looked incredulous.

“If you’re going to orgasm or close to it, the best idea is to get them all off at the same time. The pain will intensify the pleasure, actually adding to the experience. You don’t want to do it after you’ve come down from the high. That’s a lot less fun. Take my word for it. Unfortunately for Katniss, the whole epidsode was pretty miserable, I think.”

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  1. Women Challenge Their Master/Mistress To See How Many They Can Wear When Pulled, After Many seconds of Pain, Endorphins Kick In! Very Interesting In Person! Great Article!

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