Christina’s Deep and Meaningful Thoughts #worldpeace


2016 saw shocks a plenty. Donald Trump and Brexit were just a couple of them. There was ISIS and terrorism, racism, fear, and loathing. I despair that the world will ever manage to get along with one another if our faces aren’t the same colour. Maybe we should all die them purple. Then we’d have to find another reason to hate each other.

The life in which we live is not fair. Government is run by a select number of officials who were all educated in the same schools, with roughly the same values. The rich seem to get richer, the poor poorer, and this has always been the way of things. Why should it change now?

If I were to plan a government of my own, I’d have a central panel made up of a hundred people from all walks of life. Those that have known plenty of hardship on one end, to those that have known none on the other. Then we’d have a fair balance to argue out the country’s problems and get some reasonable ideas together, hopefully. At the moment all we have are politicians who are happy to get a free lunch, fudge their expenses accounts, and fall asleep on the job, or, even worse, not bother to turn up when they’re required.

The legal system is equally flawed. The more money you have, the more likely it is that you will manage to walk away scott free. Money pays for solicitors/attorneys and loopholes in the law. It’s not about fairness and it never was, but it should be.

I want to pick someone to run for Prime Minister/President that doesn’t actually want to do the job. Someone not consumed by greed and power, but who will do a good good anyway, because they’re a good person. It’s a fairytale, but it’s a nice one.

Imagine each country in the world being run by sensible, dynamic groups, that have only the country’s best interests at heart.Would World Peace be a possibility? Could we eradicate hunger? Of course we could. Will we? No.

No one’s looking at the bigger picture. They can barely see tomorrow. There’s just not enough love out there. We seem to prefer prejudice, hatred, and violence – and that only breeds one thing.

I want change, and change for the better. If enough of us spoke up, it would happen. Speak and be heard.

Christina Mandara

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