#MasturbationMonday – Everything’s More Intense Without Underwear! #paranormal #sexy


Hello and welcome to MOAN DAY! Here’s hoping you had lots of fun over the Christmas Break and that your hangover is long gone. For now, we’re back to moaning and groaning over the usual naughtiness 😉


Good As Dead

She closed her eyes as if it would help ease the humiliation, and dragged her panties off. Now she faced the unenviable task of dragging a pair of stockings up her legs. Shaking her head, trying desperately hard not to think of the face behind her, she drew the nylons to thigh-height and attached the navy blue suspender belt that would hold them in place. Hooking up the front first, she then closed her eyes as she finished them off at the back, refusing to look at him. She did not miss his chuckle of amusement, which made her cringe.

With a new level of determination, Lainey donned the skirt and shoes in record time. Clenching her thighs together, horrified at her lack of panties, she wondered if was possible to murder someone who was already dead. It was a difficult problem, but one she was prepared to research. When she finally turned around to face him, she was wildly furious.

“Enjoy that, vamp?” Her eyebrows drew together in a fierce expression and the loathing she felt was almost tangible.

There was a twist to the corner of his lips before he slowly nodded.

“I’m glad, because that’s as close to my body as you’re ever going to get. I’d rather crawl through fire than have your hands anywhere near me,” she spat out with distaste.

Infuriatingly, he snorted and it was clear he was trying hard not to laugh.

“I’ll remind you of that fact in a few days’ time when you’re pleading and begging to fuck me.”

“Go to…” A raised hand stopped her from continuing.

“I’m already there, sweetheart. I’m already there. Now let’s get moving. We don’t have much time.”

Lainey didn’t have any choice in the matter. His hand coiled around her waist and he forcefully propelled her back down the stairs, stopping only to pick up his holdall and a set of car keys. Before she had time to blink, Mercer had seated them in a low-slung sports car and the vampire was drawing a seatbelt across her breasts. The touch was electric and she jumped up as if he’d shot her.

“Everything’s a little more intense without underwear, isn’t it?”


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