#MasturbationMonday – Forced To Please The Vampire #Paranormal Romance


Hello a big shout out for MOAN DAY! Who doesn’t love a good moan on a Monday? So without further ado, let’s have some wicked naughtiness…


Dancing With Death

Whimpering under the image he had planted in her mind, she tried to shake her head to get rid of it, but he had locked her whole body in a state of paralysis. Fear flooded her as his visualisation continued. Her hands continued their exploration, finding the hard, long length of his manhood, captured and restrained within several cloth boundaries, and her need to free him increased. She caressed him with her fingertips, gripped him softly in her hands, and ran her soft, wet tongue along his fly before letting the tips of her teeth nip lightly at the head of his covered cock. Her hot breath spilled over him, and he jumped and pulsed underneath her. The ache in her loins grew. She could feel moisture pooling between her legs and a gnawing hunger that could not be appeased with anything less than his domination of her body. Body, mind, and soul – everything hungered for his touch. No! Another whimper left her as she continued to fight his control and tried to think of anything bar the images he was propelling into her brain. A crucifixion cross, her mother’s face, the setting sun on an ocean of tranquillity; all of these images managed to flutter across her eyes before he pushed them roughly away and forced her to continue with his monstrous vision.
Her body now made its way up his, hands taking a gentle hold of his balls as she palpated them softly in her fingers. Her teeth found the shiny buckle of his belt, and her tongue lapped at the cold lines of steel before her teeth worked at the supple leather, anxiously trying to free it. Her hands encircled his waist before they impatiently pulled the dark fabric of both trousers and pants down his legs. As his cock sprang up to meet her, eager for the touch of her lips and tongue, she cared not that they were in a semi-public place, and she didn’t spare a thought for her embarrassment at the possibility of being caught. She simply speared her throat with the beautiful, hot essence of male hood and worshipped him with her lips and tongue, too impatient to continue any games of teasing. He suddenly released her from his vision, and her jaw opened in a silent O of shock.
“Perfect. Come over here, and I’ll put that hole to good use,” he said with dark amusement. Her mouth snapped closed, and she stared at him, dazed and confused at her body’s response.



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