#MasturbationMonday – Orgasmic #Orgasm

Masturbation Monday

It’s Moan Day and we’re celebrating with a few sexy snippets to cheer you up… Grab a cup of coffee, some chocolate and settle down for some good times 😉


The Velvet Chair

“That’s it,” I encouraged. “Just go with it.”

“I can’t… There’s so much pressure…” she wailed. That was good. That meant I was doing it right.

“It’s fine, Princess. It’s a concrete floor and you’re clearing up the mess, in any case. Go with it.” Her next move was to try fighting me, but that proved kind of hard when you were pinned to a brick wall.

“Oh, oh, oh.” The words were pained and very high pitched. I wondered if she’d ruptured an eardrum for a moment.

“Stop, stop, stop!” The bizarre jig her body was now doing was almost comical, but I held fast and didn’t move a muscle. This stubborn woman was going to lose her shit come hell or high water, and I would be the man to make it happen.

“Let go.”

“I can’t,” she wailed.

“You will.” Increasing the pressure slightly on her clitoris, I decided to distract her. I wasn’t going to give her a clitoral orgasm, but the pressure would take the edge off things.

“Oh my God.” Here we go again, I thought. Shaking my head, I waited for it. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” That’s what I was waiting for. I had a feeling Miss Redcliff was going to learn all of her lessons the hard way. “You fucking bastard.” My jaw dropped at that one. Those three words were screamed at the top of her lungs and I had a moment to be thankful my neighbours lived a reasonable distance away. Her body then arched out like a bowstring, and finally, thank the lord, the woman came like a damn steam train.


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