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Masturbation Monday

It’s moan day again! Did you know that masturbation improves mood and stress levels? It’s food for thought if it’s a Monday and you’re feeling a little blue 🙂 Without further ado, here’s this week’s post:


The Ties That Bind

Looking downwards, sure that was as good a place as any to start, she noted that the floor of the carousel was a metal grille that had been sprayed gold, in keeping with the most prominent colour theme of the ride. As her eyes rose, she examined the glittering pole she was attached to, admiring the little coils which made it appear rope-like, swirling forever upwards as the ride spun them around and around in circles. Staring at it quite hard for a few seconds made her stupidly dizzy, so she tried to focus on the other horses again, but it was difficult when someone had three fingers inside you and was pumping them up and down.

Knowing there was no point in pleading for an orgasm, Jenny tried to keep her mind busy on her surroundings. The knowledge might come in useful later, and in this peculiar world it was always best to pay attention to every little detail. So focus, Jennifer, she reprimanded herself, as the fingers continued on their quest for higher plains. The orange horse in front of her captured her attention for a moment, and her eyes zeroed-in initially on her pale, pink buttocks that were jiggling gently as her feet propelled the carousel around, and it was clear that the effort required was not a small one. When Jenny managed to catch a glimpse of her face, it was to see little globules of sweat, running freely from the woman’s forehead, and she shook her head from side to side on a regular basis to clear them. With her hands immobilised above her, in a similar fashion to Jenny’s, there was little else she could do. Listening to the heavy thud of her horseshoes, which were fed between a square hole that went beneath the metal grille, the orange tail swam from side to side and swished over her rosy buttocks. Jenny wondered if hers would look so good, swinging around as she was. Her ass cheeks immediately clamped around her plug and she was punished for her troubles with a sharp slap.

“Stay still, Petal. Nearly done.”

Connor’s fingers were applying more lubricant around the outside edge of her butt-plug now and she just managed to hold in a violent squirm. Blinking slowly and trying to redirect her thoughts back to her friend in front, Jenny examined the orange wig and headdress. Most of her additional accoutrements were exactly the same as Jenny’s, just a vivid hue of orange in colour. The sound of bells, from every direction, indicated that all the horses had been clamped and decorated in a similar fashion.

Concentration began to prove difficult. The orange tresses and tail in front of her wavered in and out of focus as Connor’s fingers finally found her clit. The touch was so frustratingly light it could have been nothing more than a scrape of silk across her sensitised flesh, and as quickly as they had appeared, they swiftly disappeared. She wanted to scream, but the collar around her neck was enough to ensure she remained mute.

“Now for your gag. I suspect you’ve gotten used to these beasties, being a pony-girl, but I don’t think you’ll have seen one like this yet.” He licked his lips almost reverently as he came to stand in front of her and after a brief rifle through the pocket of his sweater, there was a glint of light upon brushed steel. He brought it up to her face, so she could examine it more closely, but all she could see was lines of metal. How bizarre! Blinking in incomprehension, she was rewarded with a dark look. By using his fingers in a pincer motion, he worked the ratchet up and down. It didn’t take Jenny long before realisation dawned. Not only was she going to be gagged, but also her mouth was going to be permanently prized open for the duration. It looked like she would be sucking the plastic carrot above her, whether she wanted to or not. To be fair, she wasn’t sure what she wanted any more. Everything was moving too fast, nothing made sense and the hormones crashing through her body had her whimpering in need.


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