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Original Article By Venus O’Hara writing for Marquis Magazine

There’s a fine line between relaxation and arousal. This is something I’ve encountered during a massage or when I’m doing yoga. I knew there were many benefits to yoga practice, both physical and psychological, but I wasn’t expecting that it would turn me on quite so much.

Even at the beginning of the class, I’m already in yoga mode and feeling the effects. I close my eyes and focus on my breathing as I sit cross-legged on my mat. I take a moment to connect with my body, oblivious to the other students.

As the class progresses, it evolves into a multi-sensual experience. The hard-bodied yogis, dressed in tight lycra, the hypnotic incense, the soothing tones of the teacher’s voice begin to resemble a private self-help tape. The music, with its ethnic percussion, mingles with sounds of nature. It’s easy to be transported to a faraway paradise inside your mind. From time to time, I can feel the gentle, yet strong, hands of the teacher correcting my posture. Sometimes, it’s worth getting it wrong just to be touched.

Because of all the stretching, I become aware of how inflexible some parts of my body actually are. This is particularly true in the case of my hip flexors which have a habit of tightening up. It is the price I pay for the amount of walking I do. If I don’t stretch enough after a walk it leads to a tight groin. I imagine it’s like the elastic band that holds a Barbie doll’s legs together.

I’m learning different ways to open my legs and feel that all important stretch. There’s slight pain at first, but relieving the tightness feels so good. It’s like those times when you break a nail and you keep pushing the skin around it just to feel it’s still there. Sometimes, with my legs wide open, I become concerned about what I might be displaying. Flashing camel toe, however inadvertently, might not be appropriate in a room full of yogis. When I’m at home, however, I can practise naked yoga, or commando yoga when I only wear a crop top, and not worry about how provocative it might seem.

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  1. Venus O’Hara Makes Yoga MUCH Sexier Than Most Women In Yoga Pants and A Tight t-shirt Alone! No Complaints In That Voyeur Dept. Either!

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