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His Rebellious Mate 

Primarian Mates, Book 3

By Maddie Taylor



Staunchly loyal Eryn Lockwood heads up security on the USIF Odyssey, an all-female research ship charged with finding a new world to call home. Her team is guarding a group of scientists exploring an uninhabited planet when they are set upon by a band of powerful alien warriors. Entranced by Eryn’s long auburn hair, fair skin, and green eyes, the fiercest of the attackers gives chase, and claims her for his own. As his would-be mate, his old-fashioned ways infuriate her, especially when he takes her over his knee for some firm-handed discipline.

Though a fiery passion ignites between them, Eryn remains steadfast in her need to escape. To fulfill her mission and save her people, she commits an unpardonable act, something she’ll never forget…and he can never forgive. Returning to Earth, she attempts to pick up the pieces of her life, but thoughts of her gorgeous, golden-eyed alien consume her.

Master Warrior Ramikin, the biggest, baddest, and most skilled fighter on Primaria, has never been bested—until now! And by the beautiful Earth woman destined to be his! Furious, he lets her go, resolved to eradicate her from his thoughts. But Eryn’s face haunts his dreams, and he lives every day yearning for what can never be.

An alliance between their worlds thrusts them back together, but not everyone is in favor of mingling their two species. When anti-integration zealots assault Eryn, it is Ram who races to save her, but he is seconds too late.  With her life hanging by a thread, the deep, mate-bond between them becomes clear. Is there hope for the independent, rebellious soldier and the proud warrior she betrayed? Will they be able to put aside the past and come together to fight those who would tear them apart? And, as they accept their fate, can Eryn and Ram recapture the passion they once shared?

Publisher’s Note: His Rebellious Mate is an erotic romance in the Primarian Mates series. While it stands alone, it includes characters and underlying themes from The Barbarian’s Captive and His By Command.   It contains sexual scenes, spanking, and mild BDSM themes. If this subject matter offends you, please don’t buy the book.




Unable to resist the primal urge he stirred within her, she pressed her body against his, dragging her breasts along the hard planes of his chest and moving her hips over his, grinding her sex into his shaft, erect and constrained by his trousers.

“Release me,” he ordered huskily.

With an answering groan, she popped the fastener at his waist and moved to the others down the front. When she reached in and freed him, he filled her hand to overflowing. Eagerly, she stroked the length of him, her thumb running over the tip and collecting a bead of moisture.

Suddenly, he lifted her, and her back met the plush couch cushions. Ram moved over her, spreading her thighs wide with his own. The head of his cock slid through her slickness, and he positioned himself, about to drive into her, and—

Knock. Knock. Knock.

He lifted his head, sending a hostile glare in the direction of the front entry. If laser beams had shot from his eyes to annihilate whoever dared interrupt him, she wouldn’t have been surprised. She would have cheered him on.

The knock came again, louder, and more insistent.

“I cannot believe this. Whoever it is, is dead.”

He surged to his feet while tucking himself into his pants—fully aroused there was a lot to tuck—and with jerky movements proclaiming his agitation, fastened up the front. He bent to her, his eyes glowing with a fiery heat. “Don’t you dare move. After I commit murder, I’m coming back and we’re finishing this. Understood?”

“Yes, Ram,” she whispered, not daring to blink.

Bending deeper, he took her mouth in a hard kiss then stalked to the entryway, faex and a few other muttered invectives trailing back to her. She thought she heard something like “blue balls” but doubted it was a Primarian term and decided she’d been mistaken.

A moment later, he pulled open the door. “This better be important and quick.”

She couldn’t keep from giggling, although she muffled it with her hand, imagining their unfortunate visitor’s reaction to such a greeting.

“Now?” Ram’s outraged question came shy of a shout by a scant decibel.

She couldn’t make out the low humming response.


“Kerr has no idea what he is asking of me,” came his exasperated grumble. “Tell the Princep I’ll handle it but will be late for his dinner. My mate will need an escort. Wait out here.”

The door shut with a resounding bang and shook the building on its foundation.

He stormed back in, his long hair flying out behind him, reminding her of a pillaging pirate. The intense aggravation on his face had her sitting up, both eager and a little afraid she was his intended booty.

He fell to his knees, pushed her legs wide, and buried his face in her pussy. His tongue had no trouble locating the exact spot that made her quiver with need, licking and swirling while one hand slid under her bottom. With a broad thumb plunging into her drenched channel, he raised her clear off the couch and devoured her.

“Ram,” she cried out, unconcerned about the man waiting outside the door and what he might overhear.

He lifted his head, and she lost his mouth. Whimpering in disappointment, she raised her head, too. Her heart fluttering madly, his compelling gaze captured hers from where he knelt between her spread thighs.

“What you’re feeling right now, on the edge of climax, ready to explode, remember it. Then multiply it by ten. That is what I will be enduring until I can plunge deep inside you after this Maker-be-damned dinner.” His mouth claimed her again, his thumb, which hadn’t left her sheath, beginning to stroke her quivering center. “And, Eryn?”

Those two words, with his mouth moving against her, buzzed her clit.

“Yes, Ram?” she exhaled.

“Do not plan on dessert.”


He sucked, nibbled, and stroked until she came long and loud. If the man outside didn’t hear, he needed his ears checked.

She was panting, her body humming in the aftermath, when he lifted his head. With his eyes fixed on the hot, swollen, lust-dampened flesh between her splayed thighs, he stood.

Flipping down her skirt, he pulled her to her feet. Without hesitation, his hands moved up to bracket her face while he sealed her mouth with his own.

Her essence on his lips, and how he took the kiss deeper, demanding her fullest response was freaking hot. Her breath hitched in shallow gasps, her knees quivering like jelly, and she clung to him, her fingers curled into the fabric stretched taut across his broad shoulders when he eased away minutes later.

“I have a duty to perform for the Princep then I will meet you.” His eyes burned down into hers with unquenched passion. “We’ll do the minimum pleasantries and leave as soon as it is polite.”

“Before pie?” she boldly teased. Easy for her, since he’d made her come.

“Forget the damn pie,” he growled, his lips claiming hers again, not as hard, but every bit as heated. “I want you upstairs, naked in my bed. Don’t plan on leaving for a week.”


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