Unusual Sexual Fetishes — #Kink and #Fetish

Nude submissive woman shoulder, bdsm actOriginal Article written by Christina Mandara writing for Marquis Magazine


Do you fancy getting yourself covered in thousands of insects and finding the experience erotic? Me either. Sounds a bit like I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here…

Formicophilia, related to zoophilia, is where people get sexually aroused at the thought of having thousands of insects crawling over and nibbling at their skin. The attraction is in the stinging, tickling or slimy sensation they provide.

Nah, we still don’t get it.


This fetish is a big one. It’s all about giants, and the most common fantasy is about female giantesses. Generally a male fantasy, the man sees himself as tiny and insignificant, and the female usually dominates him, or eats him. Yum.

In real life the fetish translates to extremely tall women taking sessions with macrophiles, and while this involves general domination, you might find some trampling and foot worshiping in the mix.


If there was ever a sexual fetish you didn’t want to have, it’s this one. Hybristophilia is one of the most dangerous paraphilias you could have. It’s basically being attracted to criminals, and often high-profile criminals who have committed atrocities such as murder, rape etc.

The science behind the fetish indicates that some women believe they can help reinvent these criminals, with plenty of good old-fashioned loving and nurturing. Others want to share a spot in the limelight that these types create, hoping to cash in on a movie deal at a later date. What women will do for a bad boy, huh?


If you get turned on by watching people freeze or just love being cold, you’re a pyschrophiliac. Whilst that doesn’t sound overly romantic, on the plus side you’re going to save plenty of dollars on your heating bill.

Perhaps you were an Eskimo in a previous life?


There are people out there who get aroused by the sight of someone falling down the stairs. We kid you not! So whilst you get the worst shock of your life as you bump and bang yourself down a flight of steps, they have an orgasm. Hmm…

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