Fantasies of Zentai #Fetish #Kink

zentai copyOriginal Article Written by Venus O’Hara writing for Marquis Magazine

At this moment I should be working on an article but I’m thinking about zentai instead. In fact, I just can’t seem to get it out of my mind. And it has been like this ever since I came across this kink. For those who are still unaware of it, zentai is a Japanese term for skin-tight suits that cover the whole body. They are usually made from spandex. Although their origin was not sexual, they have attracted a certain kind of fetishistic attention and many people are attracted to their image and their potential to provoke. I wonder if I should get my very own zentai costume?

With this in mind, I abandon my article and find myself, yet again, doing a search on Amazon to browse their ever-increasing selection of zentai designs. After several pages of colorful ensembles, I’m transported to a fantasy world, somewhere far away.

At first I can not help laughing at how ridiculous some of the patterns seem to be. The crazy graphics and repeated motifs are amazing and one that resembles a printed tuxedo, complete with bow-tie, is worthy of extra attention. Beyond the novelty designs are the classic, single-color, ones. They seem to draw much more attention to the figure and make a statement about its importance. I can not help but begin to imagine the scandalous outline of my camel-toe and my hard nipples poking out through my own zentai costume.

I wonder, all of a sudden, whether anyone has tried zentai yoga. I google it, just to check. Yes, it has already been done. I run through the numerous images of ‘down-facing dog’ and ‘salutes to the sun’ in clinging zentai outfits. Then, almost without realizing it, my hand makes its way downwards until it nestles between my crossed thighs. I can even detect the aroma of my sweet nectar.

I think I should lie down.

Without further ado, I get up from my desk and go straight to my bedroom. This is the wonderful thing about working from home – I can take a spontaneous orgasm break whenever I feel the need to.

I locate my favorite vibrator, lie down, switch it on and place it against my throbbing clitoris. After closing my eyes, my mind wanders. I imagine the feel of the zentai spandex caressing my curves. I feel naked even though I am dressed. It seems like latex in my fantasy but is more comfortable and easier to wear.

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