Reader Question Time – Should Hero’s Wear Condom’s? #Books #ebooks


I posed this question a couple of days ago on my Facebook page, my thanks to Maggie Carpenter who gave me the idea.

So – I’m curious – do you want to hear it about it when the hero uses a condom, or do you prefer to think that that side of things has already been taken care of?

I agree that safe sex is important, but in the dark novels I write a condom is usually the last thing either the heroine or hero’s mind. I do tend to write about birth control, though. Women can’t go around having sex without condoms without expecting to get pregnant at some point.

For me, I’m kinda 50/50 on the subject. For new adult novels then I would say, yes, reaffirm the message wherever you can. If you’re writing for anyone above this age group, its probably not so important.

How to tackle the problem?

Some authors have suggested that you could write a forward in the book stating that all sex within the book is implied as safe sex, so the mention of condoms doesn’t take you out of the story. Others have suggested mentioning it once and then it can be assumed that the hero will continue to be a good guy (at least in that respect!).

My view?

I don’t want to hear about condoms when I’m reading. I’m a big girl and hearing rustling condom packets isn’t what I want in my fantasy/escapism reads. That’s just me.

What’s Your View?

6 thoughts on “Reader Question Time – Should Hero’s Wear Condom’s? #Books #ebooks

  1. I don’t like hearing about condoms in sex scenes. Yes, safe sex is important in real life, but I’m escaping reality when I’m reading.

    • Me neither, which is why I’ve refused to write about them. The world is becoming far too PC. If you’re reading adult books, you should know about condoms, right? New Adult is a different story perhaps…

  2. I am an erotic romance author, and for the last seven years I refused to include condoms in the story. It’s supposed to be fiction, and I intend to let it stay fiction; no realism, just fantasy. I want to cater to those that want to escape into a fantasy, and that’s where I stand when I write sex scenes in the story.

  3. I am ok without mention of condoms, I do appreciate when a character assures their partner that they are clean/safe though.

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