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Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved travelling. There’s just something amazing about discovering different countries, landscapes, cultures, people, and cuisine. I find it much easier to set the scene in one of my books if I’ve already visited the country/place in question. You only have to be there for a night or two to get a real ‘feel’ for a place.

If I haven’t visited a particular city I’m using in a story, I’ll usually google, watch videos and scour images until I happy that I have built up a reasonable picture in my mind. It’s not quite the same, but it’s an acceptable second best.

When I write I try to include at least a couple of senses as I go along. What can the characters hear, smell, feel, touch or see? Books need to be multi-dimensial as all the reader has is pages and pages of black and white words staring out at them. They mean nothing unless you inspire some emotion. Joy, sadness, excitement, desire, rage… all of these and more are what make reading fun.

If there are any authors out there today — How Do You Set Your Scene? Do you like to have physically visited the place or are you a good researcher? Do you rely on information from friends and family? How do you plot your visits to foreign countries?

I need to know 🙂

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