Swooping In For The First Kiss – Do You Need Her Consent? #Sex and #Relationships

Red Lips and Nails. Red Lipstick and Nail Polish. Make up and Ma

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say no. Well, that’s a ‘no, not exactly.’ I think I’m right on the money when I say most women do not want to be asked to be kissed. It spoils the romance of the occasion.

However, you do need to read the signals. There is nothing worse than swooping in for a kiss to find out that your interest is not reciprocated. This will leave to the swift lips to cheek turn, the slap, or the take me home immediately, we can never be friends again chat.

What are the signals that she’s interested in you?

  • She’ll maintain eye contact
  • She’ll be fascinated by everything you say and happy to talk about herself
  • She might mess around with her hair constantly or lick her lips
  • She’ll flirt with you or tease you
  • Her body will be turned towards you and she might mirror your gestures

And just to be on the safe side…

When you do lean in for a kiss, go three quarters in and leave her to make up the last quarter. That way, if you have read all the signals wrong (arrghh!) you won’t make an utter fool of yourself by sticking your tongue somewhere where it’s not wanted.

If she IS interested, she’ll be more than happy to close up that small distance and show you just how interested she is…

2 thoughts on “Swooping In For The First Kiss – Do You Need Her Consent? #Sex and #Relationships

  1. My First Prom At 15yrs! Got to Her Door After. Her Parents Were Waiting With the Door Wide Open! I Put My Hand Out To Shake Hers! She Pulled My Arm In To Her and Gave Me A Very Strong Buss On the Lips! Said She Had A Good Time! No Balls! Last Date With Her!

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