A Country Music Christmas by Maggie Carpenter #Romance #Suspense

Blonde-haired, blue-eyed, wannabe country singer Summer Brown is standing nervously on the porch of the man who can make her a star, but when he opens the door she loses her nerve. Instead of begging for an audition she asks if she can be his personal assistant.
Looking for an escape from his hectic Nashville life, cowboy and legendary record producer Liam Taylor has just bought a house in a small peaceful town. He needs help setting up his new home, and when a gorgeous girl shows up looking for a job he hires her on the spot.
Weeks pass and a smoldering chemistry burns between them, but when Liam learns she’s an ambitious singer he feels betrayed. A lifestyle dominant, he delivers a sharp spanking and sends her home, but a fierce snowstorm sweeps in and they are catapulted back together.
He can bury his anger in order to survive the treacherous conditions, but will he find a way back to their burgeoning love…?
If you enjoy a take-charge hero, a determined young woman, and a riveting romance with a fairy-tale ending, you’ll love A Country Music Christmas. Click the link today.
Publisher’s Note: A Country Music Christmas includes sexual scenes and spankings. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book. NOTE: This book was previously released in a box set entitled, Sexy Southern Hometown Heroes, under the title, A Song For Liam

An ambitious singer and take-charge producer caught in a turmoil of lies and regret, must join forces to survive the life-threatening danger confronting them.
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