#MidWeekTease – Keep Quiet Or I’ll Break Your Arm – Erotic #Psychological THRILLER


Hello Teasers! It’s been a good week in camp Mandara and I’m storming along with Beautiful Tears, having written the first 20,000 words. Can I get out three books in 2018? Time will tell 😉


Beautiful Tears

Chapter Eight – Harper

I didn’t scream. In hindsight I should have, but at the time I was too damn petrified. The ability to make any noise was then quickly snatched away as he covered my mouth tightly with his hand. With his other, he forced my body upright, before yanking my left hand sharply behind my back and drawing it up to my neck, immediately bringing tears to my eyes. Yelling against his hand for him to stop, all that came out was a muffled bleat, before his snarling eyes and cruel lips began to devour me.

“Keep quiet, or I’ll break you arm.” His voice was a whisper, but it rang out loud enough in my ears. Putting even more pressure on my arm to reinforce his threat, I had to bite down on my cries. The pain was crippling.

“Good girl. Now listen carefully.” To make sure I got the message he yanked my arm further up my back making me gasp in agony. “You are going to walk with me to that white van over there and get in the back. You will not make a sound. The reason I know you will not make a sound is because if you do, you’re going to lose the use of your arm. Nod if you understand me.”


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